30ml/BAODELI bottle tattoo ink set permanent makeup art pigment 16PCS cosmetic tattoo paint for eyebrow eyeliner lip body Lip lip beauty tools

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Posted on: April 21, 2018
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Wholesale 16pcs colors tattoo ink kit permanent makeup pigments 30ml/bottle
cosmetic tattoo ink paint for eyebrow eyeliner lip Details:
Packing quantity: 16pcs/bag, 30ml/bottle
Color:triple blacck,golden yellow,light purple,
drak red,nuclear green,,sky blue,
lipstick red,lining black,bright orange,
true blue,dark purple,lime green,garamel, white,,

Product Features

  • professional tattoo pigment colors.
  • One gram pigment is completely soluble in water, indicating color up very quickly. Skin easily absorb pigment, no fade after the repair, color is very positive.
  • Water color, bright color, bright color, pure. Delicate texture, color, complementary color, color pure, not stable
  • Product features: the use of imported toner, . Water color, easy to color, gorgeous, pure, delicate texture, water like liquid, medium grain, good color, good fog after a little change. By professional personage love tattoo. › See more product details
  • Cololr: triple blacck, golden yellow, light purple, drak red, nuclear green, bright yellow, sky blue, lipstick red, lining black, bright orange, true blue, dark purple, lime green, garamel, white, hot pink,