The Ring

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Posted on: July 28, 2016
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AMERICA’S #1 BEST SELLER! OVER 125 MILLION COPIES OF HER NOVELS IN PRINT! Author of Zoya and Star. REVIEWS: “Ms. Steel excels at pacing her narrative, which races forward, mirroring the frenetic lives chronicled here; men and women swept up in bewildering change, seeking solutions to problems never before faced.” – Nashville Banner. “There is a smooth reading style to her writings which makes it easy to forget the time and to keep flipping the pages.” – The Pittsburgh Press. “The plots of Danielle Steel’s novels twist and weave as incredible stories unfold to the thrill and delight of her enormous reading public.” – United Press International.An ill-fated affair between Kassandra von Gotthard, a married German socialite, and her lover, a Jewish writer, at the beginning of Hitler’s ethnic cleansing campaign results in tragedy for Kassandra’s children, especially her beautiful daughter Ariana. When her father and brother disappear, Ariana is arrested by the Reich. Facing imprisonment and repeated rape at the hands of unscrupulous soldiers who desire to humble the lovely blond, Ariana jumps at the opportunity to become a cook for a kind Nazi officer. Gradually, the two are able to put the specter of war behind them and fall in love. But calamity strikes again, leaving Ariana alone once more and running for her life. Desperately sick and pregnant, Ariana lands in New York, part of the wave of refugees brought there by relief organizations. Sponsored, then befriended, then betrayed, by the Liebman family, Ariana slowly recovers in time for the Christmas birth of her son. And Noel, a kind man who loves Ariana, gives her the strength to make a life for herself and for him, which she does, finally finding true happiness. Danielle Steel creates a tale of the phases of life and love that we all experience against a brutal background that hopefully will not be experienced ever again. –Alison Trinkle


  • Marco Aurelio
    Posted on July 28, 2016 at 12:22 PM
    A Story You Will Never, Never be Able to Forget After I read this book, I was able to understand all Danielle Steel's magnitude. The plot of this book is so huge and so powerful that you just can't help but fall in love with this book. With THE RING, for the first time I felt portraited to World War II, I felt like I was there, suffering, trying to survive and be happy. 
  • J. Williams
    Posted on July 28, 2016 at 12:48 PM
    Truly outstanding This is a wonderful book. We follow Arianna through her life in Germany, losing her mother, than father and brother, and finding love with a German soldier. When he is killed, she has no one to turn to. Alone and afraid she heads to America where she discovers that she is pregnant. She is befriended by a family in New York, who invite her into their home and their lives. She is quickly betrayed by them and once again finds herself alone, this time with a baby to care for and protect...
  • adriana
    Posted on July 28, 2016 at 1:03 PM
    the ring first i saw the movie on tv.and i just loved it.i dont have enought words to describe what i felt.seeing the movie was like i was there;the story is just great.and thats why i decided to read the book to see the differences,because we all know that a movie can be quite different from the book and what i can say is that it only keept beeing better and better.this book is one of a kind.unique.i would becamed one of my favourites and i recomande it to every one. you shall not regreat...
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