Aura Cacia Skin Care Oil – Organic Vegetable Glycerin Oil – 16 Fl Oz, 16 Fluid Ounce

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Posted on: January 14, 2018
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Vegetable Glycerin Certified Organic by Aura Cacia 16 oz Liquid Vegetable Glycerin Certified Organic 16 oz Liquid Softening and humectant made with 100 pure botanical ingredients. Suggested Uses Use as desired for skin and hair remedies and personal care applications such as homemade soaps lotions and creams. Store tightly closed in a cool dry place. Ingredients Organic Glycerin. Directions Create a nourishing aromatherapy mist by combining 1 teaspoon of glycerin 24 drops of essential oil and 4 ounces of water in a spray bottle. Warnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

Product Features

  • Sourced from non-GMO seeds (primarily soy), vegetable glycerin is the non-fatty component of vegetable oils
  • It is a clear, odorless liquid with powerful moisture-attracting properties and is a common ingredient used in formulating natural soaps, creams and lotions
  • Our organic skin care oils are 100% pure-guaranteed