Comfort-U Total Body Pillow w/white case CU9000

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Posted on: March 13, 2016
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The Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow molds itself to the shape of your body to cradle you in complete comfort from head to toe.

This extraordinary pillow surrounds you in a cocoon of support, relieving pressure to many areas of the body, which drastically reduces your need to toss and turn. You get uninterrupted, restful sleep.

The Comfort U Body Pillow is filled with Fusion Fiber, so it’s always soft, fluffy, and totally hypoallergenic.

Fusion Fiber is made from a polyester polymer with extremely high heat resistance.

Each strand is highly polished to insure that the fibers move easily against each other to avoid lumping or clumping.

Next, they are twisted or spiraled to give them a soft springy rebound when compressed in use. Finally, the fibers are joined in a conjugate fashion (symmetrical) resulting in a small cluster between one eighth to one quarter inch in diameter.

The varying size of each cluster allows them to fit together and fill the voids between themselves providing a very comfortable sleeping surface.

Fusion Fiber has become extremely desirable because it can resist very high washing and drying temperatures.

This feature is extremely beneficial as it allows the Comfort U to dry faster than any other fiberfill.

Care Instructions:

Daily fluffing of your Comfort U is recommended.Manufacturer recommends laundering in a front loading, commercial size washer and dryer (as in a Laundromat).The Comfort U is large and needs the space to move around to dry.It is also recommended to add a tennis ball or clean gym shoe to the drying cycle to evenly fluff the pillow.


Comfort-U Body Support Pillow offers you all the support you need.Can be extremely effective at helping to reduce back pain.White cotton/polyester washable pillowcase.Measures – 68″ Length x 15″ Wide 16″ Diameter.Shipping weight 10 lbs.Handcrafted in the USA.

Product Features

  • The Comfort-U is a generously oversized U-shaped pillow, long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body.
  • Cradle your body to help eliminate tossing and turning, keeping your neck, shoulders, back and hips aligned all night long.
  • The Comfort-U pillow makes a great support for reading, nursing, watching TV.
  • The Comfort-U is filled with a premium fiber called Fusion Foss fill a revolutionary synthetic known to scientists as an “extended polymer” which allows air to flow freely.
  • Your Comfort U will never flatten, clump or lump.


  • Hinder Hinder
    Posted on March 13, 2016 at 6:00 AM
    You stole my wife! 0
  • Anne
    Posted on March 13, 2016 at 6:00 AM
    If you have neck, back problems, get this! I have c-spine degenerative disc disease, likely from many years spent sitting at a computer for long hours. This product has helped me enormously. It provides a variety of sleep options that protect neck and back, and keep your body well-aligned. It is not the whole story, but it supports the exercise and stretching program my physiotherapist has developed for me. I now wake up with much less stiffness and soreness. I miss my Comfort-U Body Pillow when I travel, as 5 or 6 hotel pillows are just not the same, and they're awkward when I want shift positions in the middle of the night. I was unsure at first, and I did have to adjust to it. Also, it is necessary to be fit and strong enough to shake and pummel the pillow into shape after each night's rest, to keep the loft evenly distributed. The pillow is large and awkward, and some people will not like how odd it looks on the bed, and you may want to store it away in a closet each morning. For prime-aged couples, it may prove to...
  • Irfaan D
    Posted on March 13, 2016 at 6:09 AM
    Good pillow 0
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