Compound W Skin Tag Removal

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Posted on: April 9, 2016
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For the removal of skin tags up to 3mm (1/8 inch) across.

Identifying Skin Tags:
Skin tags are non-cancerous skin growths. Skin tags are soft and fleshy bumps of tissue connected to the skins surface. You can recognize a skin tag if it contains ALL of the following physical features:

Flesh coloured
Sticks out from surrounding skin on a small narrow stalk
Soft and easy to move

– Only skin tag remover that protects the skin
– Simple and easy removal of skin tags
– Remove in privacy of home
Special ingredients
Uses the trusted and effective Freeze Off solution (propelled dimethyl ether)
How it is different
– Unique system created as a safe
– Easy solution for removal of skin tags
– Only one that protect the skin
What’s included
1 Information Booklet
1 can of freezing spray liquid (8 applications)
1 re-usable applicator holder
1 package containing 8 foam-tip applicators.
24 skin shields to protect skin surrounding the skin tag:
8 Small skin shields
8 Medium skin shields,
8 Large skin shields

Product Features

  • Skin tag removal
  • It is the only do-it-yourself skin tag remover designed to treat skin tags while protecting the surrounding skin
  • Special TagTarget skin shields isolate the skin tag through a hole in the TagTarget center
  • The TagTarget adheres lightly to the surrounding healthy skin, protecting it and making it simple to target just the skin tag with the foam-tip applicator
  • It’s specially designed to be easy to use, you can remove skin tags in the privacy of your own home


  • Iknowsomestuff
    Posted on April 9, 2016 at 9:21 PM
    this is good except they dont tell you its gonna hurt for ... this is good except they dont tell you its gonna hurt for two weeks before anything happens. better hope your tag isnt under your arm or between your legs cuz it gonna hurt. but it works so...
  • novice
    Posted on April 9, 2016 at 9:32 PM
    Works! Works great!! Applied it to a skin tag and within 1 week it shrunk and fell off. Nearly painless AND i didnt have to go to the doctor! Why does amazon not sell this on the USA site????
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