Cordless Electric Callus Remover by Care me – A Must-Have Home Pedicure Foot Care Tool (purple)

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Posted on: March 7, 2016
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Are you embarrassed by your callused feet? Do you hide your feet in close-end shoes? Are you scared to show off your barefoot in front of your friends or on the beach? Don’t be! Care me provides you a solution to boost your confidence and life up these worries.

Its features include:
• The nickel-hydride rechargeable battery can be charged for over 1,000 times in its life. Once it is fully charged for 8 hours, it can keep running for 40 minutes.
• It is even suitable for spa or nail salon uses.

The package contains: a device, an adapter, an extra roller and a cleaning brush. Two identical rollers fit all your needs.

Model CM202 are highly recommended for customers who prefer to APPLY MORE PRESSURE or FOR A COMMERCIAL USE.

What are the differences between model CM-202 A & B?
They are basically identical other than the design and color. CM-202A is wider making it perfectly for a big hand; CM-202B is slimmer and longer making it comfortable held in a small hand.

Our refill rollers are coming in March.

Please visit our store on Amazon: for all Care me products. Care me is short for “Care your body. That’s the only place you live in.”

Product Features

  • NEW & IMPROVED: When the battery is fully charged, the charging light will turn into green. This unparalleled feature makes the model CM-202 stand out of the crowd! It also comes with two speeds with a LED light. These safety features are missing on other electronic callus shavers!
  • MORE POWER: Run by improved motor making the roller spin with power. If you prefer to apply more pressure, look no further! Warning: DO NOT attempt to stop the running roller using your finger, which may cause bleeding or injury. Suitable for Commercial Salon or Spa uses.
  • PREMIUM BATTERY: Unlike other brands built with cheap nickel-cadmium battery, our product has premium nickel-hydride battery, which is more environment friendly and last longer. Best value for your money!
  • DURABLE LARGE ROLLERS: Rollers are made of premium quality micro mineral material to last longer. One type of roller fit all your needs! ONE BONUS ROLLER is included. Apply on dry foot only. The device is NOT water-proof. Do not use it in the shower.
  • RESULT GUARANTEED: Get professional pedicure spa results at the fraction cost of a pricey foot spa. Sleek design and amazing results make it a perfect gift for anyone. Take advantage of this Introductory Offer for a Limited Time! 2 Colors Available.


  • joseph
    Posted on March 7, 2016 at 11:15 PM
    Awesome unit. It performs very well and has good ... Awesome unit. It performs very well and has good battery. Recommend.

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