Electric Callus Remover – Breett High Speed Battery-Operated Perfect Foot File Removes Calluses and Hard,Cracked,Dead Skin,Professional Foot Spa Pedicure Tools with 2 Roller Heads – Blue

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Posted on: November 12, 2016
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Breett Electronic Foot File , Pedicure Tool

– It is perfect for daily use to remove the dead skin or callus on your feet.
– At the maximum speed, it can grind the dead skin on you feet at 40times/second.
– The roller head, made of high quality emery powder, is removable and washable.
– The callus remover is specially designed with a receiver tank to collect the dead skin use.

Main material: ABS fireproof plastic
Roller head: Diamond Crystals
Driven by: 2AA battery (not included)

How to use:
1. Put two AA batteries into the callus remover.
2. Switch on the callus remover and the roller head will start turning at a high speed.
3. Contact the roller head with your foot skin to gently grind and remove the dead skin and callus on your foot (Please keep your foot clean and dry).
4. After use, please remove the roller head and use a soft brush to clean up the dead skin in the callus remover. Also, you can wash the roller head with water (Roller head is washable).
5. Dry the roller head and callus remover with a piece of dry towel.

Package including:
1. Replacement Roller Head
2. Electronic Foot File
3. User Manual

1. Before use this product, please keep your foot clean and dry.
2. The replacment roller head is washable, but the callus remover is not water-proof.
3. Battery is not provided with the callus remover. If necessary, user needs to purchase separately.
4. Do not expose this product to the wet or high temperature environment.
5. This product is not a toy and is for use by adults only.

Product Features

  • Electric Callus Remover, turn hard callouses, rough, dry and cracked skin into silky smooth one immediately and effortlessly; Effectively protect your foot skin. Convenient to use.
  • Diamond Crystals Roller Head never hurt your feet.
  • Our micro pedi supports 360-degree high speed rotating,it can gently and effectively remove the dead skin on you feet at home.
  • The Roller Head is removable and washable.
  • Our Pedicure Tool is specially designed with a receiver tank to collect the dead skin use.