Exfoliating Gloves 4 Pairs Full Body Scrub Exfoliator Great for Bath or Shower Exfoliation for Skin Care

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Posted on: February 15, 2018
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How do I use the gloves?
– Put the Sun Laboratories Body Buff Gloves on before getting in the shower.
– Wet them with lukewarm water and then add Daily Body Wash to the gloves.
– Lather up and massage over your entire body.
– Rinse your body and gloves and make sure to dry the gloves in a well-ventilated area.

Product Features

  • Exfoliating gloves like the Sun Laboratories exfoliating mittens take deep cleaning one step further. Think of exfoliating and exfoliation in general as an extra helping hand in the fight against skin problems.
  • These bath and body gloves are made of micro mesh, so they are abrasive enough to help you scrub off dead skin cells without being so rough that they irritate your skin. For people with acne-prone skin, gloves can help reduce and control back acne along with an acne treatment system
  • Exfoliate is the process of removing dead cells from the surface of your skin. If you’ve ever had a facial at a spa, then you’ve experienced the process. The goal is to unclog pores and renew your skin.
  • Better to and easier to use than a loofah,for Men and Women, perfect for skin rejuvenation.