EYX Formula Women’s Wide Large Brim Beach Cap for Travel,Flower Floppy Hat Foldable for Swimming with UPF 50+

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Posted on: January 8, 2017
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How to choose the perfect summer hat
Keen to purchase a straw hat for summer, but not sure where to look?
Depending on your social agenda, is the start of your summer marked by the
solstice, Ladies¡¯ Day at Ascot, the first day of Wimbledon, or that
first Pimms, even?
Any which way, summer is upon us, and unless you’re a druid requiring
special headwear, the one piece of clothing that you will need to survive
the Great British Summer is a straw hat. Eternally smart, and totally
timeless, the same number can be carted out to Henley, Goodwood, sports
day, drinks parties, barbecues and bar mitzvahs.
But how do you choose the perfect one? Our good friends at Lock & Co are
on hand to answer all your burning questions:
How do I know my head size?
Place a tape measure just above your ears and take a reading of the
circumference of your head; that is your size.
How do I choose a style to suit my face shape?
The rule of thumb is that a larger, rounded face will suit a wider brim,
while smaller face shape needs a narrower brim. Hats are meant to be worn
a couple of centimetres above the ears -with the brim snapped down at the
front and curled up at the back.
How is it best to pack a hat?
In a hat box! If that¡¯s not possible, scrunch up a T-shirt and put it
inside the hat¡¯s crown, then pack around it. Look for rollable styles,
designed for travelling and supplied with canvas tubes. These are creased
down the crown of the hat, then rolled into an ice-cream cone shape
before being inserted into the tube. Remove the hat and reshape as soon
as possible.

Product Features

  • EYX Formula is a shop who major in beauty supplies for more than 11 years.We offer a complete line of makeup and professional tools at an extreme value price!
  • This hat is designed to protect the head from the sun and against heatstroke, but it is can be used in fashion as a decorative element or a uniform.
  • Designed to be UPF 50 AND can block out 100% of harmful UVB and UVA rays.It is good for protect the skin from cancer.
  • Quick Dry straw materail makes it is sutable for outdoor activites.
  • Packing include:1x straw hat.Shipped via e-pack with Free Tracking number,it normally need 7-16 days for delivery.

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