Focus Pure Organic Keratin Hair Building Fibers/hair Loss Concealer, 18 Grams/0.63 Oz. Per Bottle (55 Days Supply). (Medium Blonde)

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Posted on: December 23, 2016
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Made in USA, Focus is a unique complex of Keratin protein. These microscopic hair fibers build upon your existing hair to produce dramatic density and volume and total undetectable coverage to your thinning and balding areas. It is completely natural and effective. It blends and bonds securely with your existing hair. As you apply Focus to your scalp, you will see your thinning hair and bald patches vanish before your eyes. Focus Hair Building Fibers has succeeded in providing a product that satisfies everyone that wants to look young and feel beautiful. Your hair style can change with age and Focus Hair Building Fibers will promote any style you want. Say goodbye to thinning hair and bald patches forever.

Product Features

  • Focus Hair Building Fiber is a Breakthrough product in the Hair Loss Concealer Field. It Instantly Builds volume to Your Hair With Natural Organic Keratin Protein Fibers
  • Adds Thickness And Fullness in 30 seconds or less and it is suitable for both men and women with thinning hair and hair loss.
  • Focus gives you a perfectly natural look. Whether it is outdoor, under bright sun light, perfect for parties, social events and just everyday life.
  • Made from pure organic Keratin fibers, Focus does not smear or fall off and washes off easily With Any Hair Shampoo. It is guaranteed to work.
  • 8 Colors to choose from: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Medium Blonde, Auburn and Gray. Comparing with other Similar Products on the market, our 18 grams fiber is only $24.95 and it is more economical and longer lasting.

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