GUM Tongue Cleaner Brush & Scraper Combo(Colors may vary)

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Posted on: July 12, 2018
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The Only 2-in-1 Tongue Cleaner – Brush & Scraper for a maximum clean! Designed for maximum cleaning with two rows of bristles and scrapers. One side features two rows of bristles for brushing. The other side features two rows of scrapers for scraping. Effectively designed to remove the maximum amount of plaque and bacteria. Soft, sturdy bristles and multiple, curved ridges trap and gently dislodge and remove plaque to clean tongue. Comfortable narrow head minimizes gag reflex. Ergonomically-designed, comfort grip handle for control. Professionally recommended to fight bad breath

Product Features

  • Two Rows of bristles to loosen food and bacteria
  • Two Rows of scrapers to remove all debris from the tongue
  • Narrow design prevents or reduces the gag reflex
  • Cleaning the tongue is a proven step in reducing bad breath
  • 75 percent of bad breath compounds are removed by tongue cleaning