IETANG Women’s Rainbow Long Gloves Socks and 3 Layered Tulle Tutu Skirt Party Accessory Set (Set A-Pink)

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Posted on: November 3, 2018
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If you need some accessories for an 80’s costume, this is a great set. Leg warmers are full size, cover most of your calf. The fishnet gloves are nylon and very soft. The lace bow headband is vintage look and comfortable.The pierced earrings are a shows topper. Complete your 80s costume with Neon Earrings,Neon Headband ,Leg Warmers ,Fishnet Gloves and Neon Jelly Bracelets, that will serve as an optimal addition to your 80s attire! The color of each pack will help you stand out from the crowd and make it easy for your friends to spot you when there are a lot of people around. Perfect for highschool reunions, parties,fancy costume,dance

Product Features

  • Package includes: 4 bead necklaces, 2 pieces of leg Warmers , 2 pieces of fishnet fingerless gloves, 2 pieces of earrings, 1 piece of lace bow headband for each package. Note: The back of earring pendants are covered with transparent protective films, you can peel off them before you use earrings
  • 80s fancy dress costumes accessories: fishnet fingerless gloves, lace bow headband, bead necklaces, Leg Warmers, earrings in lighting shape become a nice set for 80s party, go nicely with 80s fancy dress outfit, fit for children and adults
  • Lace bow headband, fishnet fingerless gloves: comfortable to wear and soft to touch, gloves with good elasticity, one size fits most. The earring pendant consists of two-layer plastic in lighting shape, with shimmery texture inside
  • Bead necklaces are bright and colourful. The bead necklaces are good length to wear easily. Knitted Leg warmers are made of 80% Viscose 20% Nylon,they are super fashionable and comfortable
  • Applicable occasions: vibrant, nice and colourful accessories, rose red, orange, yellow, green and so on, great for fancy dress party, 80s party nights, 80s costume, 80s themed hen night, 80s festival etc


  • Anonymous
    Posted on November 3, 2018 at 7:46 PM
    Stood up to Mud Hero! I bought the set with the unicorn headband, and the tutu fits a bit small. To be fair, I've got a rather large posterior. However, a friend purchased the set with the unicorn elastic headband, and that tutu (even with a sateen underlayer with no give) fit over my butt. So there's that.Items stood up to a mud fun run (the wrapped silver around the unicorn elastic headband came loose), so should probably survive children and/or a dress-up. Got a lot of compliments (after the items...
  • Anonymous
    Posted on November 3, 2018 at 8:01 PM
    Dapper AF Best impulse buy of my life. The quality is not great, but it's as good as I expected. The fit is fine except the suspenders are a wee bit short if you have a long torso like I do so whatever you have it clipped to tends to ride a bit. That said, I look dapper af in this. I bought rainbow toe socks to go with it and with my rainbow shoelaces. I look a bit like an LGBTQ ad, but I'm happy :D
  • Anonymous
    Posted on November 3, 2018 at 8:19 PM
    Terrific! I ordered these for Pride week. They fit perfectly and both the socks and arms came through beautifully in the wash/dry (delicate cycle) afterwards. Would absolutely recommend them. Bought them with the suspenders/bowtie kit.