ITATOO 2pcs Tattoo Clip Cords Silicone 5.9 Feet 1.8M Tattoo Clip Cord for Tattoo Machine Tattoo Power Supply Tattoo Wire

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Posted on: December 29, 2017
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-Brand: ITATOO
-Color: Translucent
-Material: Cord made of silicone, connector made of stainless steel
-Length: 1.8M, 6 Feet
-Workmanship: Perfect hook, not too long or too short
-Long lasting clip cord.
-No hiccups, great tension on the ears.
-Cord is fireproof.
-Design for high resistant to use.

-ITATOO tattoo clip cords with 6 months warranty. (More details, please mail to us.)

-Fit most typs of machines.
-Fit any tattoo power supply with Standard Mono Plug conection

Package includes:
-2 X 1.8m silicone clip cord.

Professional ITATOO tattoo supplies, help you to finish a healthy and beauty tattoo.

Product Features

  • 2 PCs of clip cord
  • Cord made of silicone, connector made of stainless
  • Length of 6 FT, 1.8 M
  • Fireproof cord
  • ITATOO Clip cord designed for high resistant to use


  • Kris
    Posted on December 29, 2017 at 5:01 AM
    Good quality. They do the job. Good quality.