ITATOO® Complete Tattoo Kit 1 Tattoo Machines 2 Color Inks Power Supply 5 Tattoo Needles for Beginners TK104013

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Posted on: January 2, 2017
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-Brand: ITATOO®
-Use: This professional complete tattoo kit is for beginners and artists

-Foot pedal, clip cord and power supply have a one-year Manufacturer Limited Warranty each. (For details, please mail to ITATOO®)

Package includes:
-1 x Pro tattoo machine guns for liner and shader
-5 x color tattoo ink 5ml
-5 x 3RL tattoo needles
-1 x Tattoo power supply
-1 x Clip cord
-1 x stainless steel foot pedal
-1 x American standard power cord
-3 x rubber bands
-1 x aluminium grips
-20 x ink cups with base (8mm)
-6 x O-ring
-6 x grommets
-2 x 3RT stainless steel tattoo tips
-1 x Allen key set (3 different sizes)
-1 x plastic ink cap holder

Professional ITATOO kits, help you to finish a healthy and beautiful tattoo.

Product Features

  • 1 pro tattoo guns for liner and shader
  • tattoo power supply with stainless foot pedal and clip cord
  • 5 colors 5ml tattoo ink with 1 bag 9MM ink cups
  • 5*3RL tattoo needles with 2 stainless tips and 1 aluminium grips
  • grommets, o-rings, rubber bands, practice skin and more accessories

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