Joyourbaby Comfort U Shape Full Body Pregnancy Pillow With Easy on-off Zippered Pillowcase (Blue Purple)

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Posted on: March 13, 2016
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Everyone knows the importance of a full night’s sleep, it decides whether you can enjoy a beautiful day. If you are facing sleeping problems, how will you be happy to work, study, travel or do anything you like? If you have ever experienced back pain, neck stiffness, leg swelling, indigestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia or insominia, especially in the period of pregnancy, it is time to say No and save yourself. this body pillow can be of your help. It is designed specially for new moms and expectant, but also suitable for everyone who has sleeping problems. The banana shape can fit your body shape fully and give you a full cozy sleep from head to toes, the longer section provide enough support for your back and align your shoulder and hips, support your legs and relieve stress on joints. the shorter section give your growing tummy comfort support. It can correct your sleeping position, and you know the right position is how important to your baby. you will definitly love it once use it.

Product Features

  • Joyourbaby is a registered famous brand, Joyourbaby body pillow sales valume is No 1 in China
  • Pillow is stuffed with warm and cozy polyester fiber comes with 100% cotton pillowcase you can remove for washing
  • Provides enough support for back, belly, neck, hips and relive stress on joints
  • Helps relieve pain, heartburn, carpal tunnel and nasal congestion
  • Multiple cover colors meet your personalized needs, give you a perfect duration of pregnancy or night sleeping no simple white

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