MelodySusie Makeup Mirror Table Lamp / Narcissus Touch Control LED Makeup Mirror and Table Lamp / 2-in-1 Mirror Lamp, Battery Operated or USB Cable Power Supply

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Posted on: November 14, 2016
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MelodySusie New Launch – Narcissus 2-in-1 Touch Control LED Lighted Makeup Mirror and Table Lamp

Product Highlights:
MelodySusie Narcissus 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp is a new generation lamp that combines makeup mirror and table lamp in one. It provides two LED lighting modes: the makeup mode mimics the natural noon light; the dim night-time mode provides a warm and calming lighting. The bottom can be used as a handy organizing tray.

Product Specifications:
Rated Voltage: 5V
Rated current: 500mA-1000mA
Material: ABS
Product Dimension: 9.2*9.2*12.2 inches
Product Net Weight: 1.90lb.

Q1: Can I use the mirror lamp directly after I receive it?
A1: No. Please follow the user manual or images to install the mirror lamp before using.

Q2: Can I use the USB cable to recharge the lamp?
A2: No, you can’t. As the bulit-in lithium battery leads to product overweight, so we choose the USB in-line mode.

Q3: What’s the lifespan of the batteries? Can I use the USB cable and batteries at the same time?
A3: The batteries can be used for 12h at most. If not use the lamp for long term, take out the batteries for the sake of losing power. If you use batteries more often than using USB cable, we kindly suggest you to use rechargeable batteries. And yes, the USB form will be given priority intelligently when they are in use simultaneusly.

Product Included:
1 * Narcissus 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp
1 * Round Bottom Tray
1 * User Manual
1 * USB Cable

※ Warranty:
At MelodySusie, we guarantee product quality as we have the highest standard of quality testing. That’s why we promise a full 12-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support at any time.

Only buy it from MelodySusie to get authentic quality product and to qualify for full after-sale service.

Product Features

  • 【Promotion】Save $14.00 with code: KQUC7DMX. / LED MAKEUP MIRROR MODE — Free standing, shadow-less, natural-light LED makeup mirror with 180°of movement. Mimics natural daylight to ensure your makeup colors are reflected accurately.
  • LED LAMP MODE — Turn the mirror up and you have a touch-control table lamp with reading and nighttime settings.
  • MAKEUP ORGANIZER BASE – The circular base doubles as an organizer tray for your favorite accessories and cosmetics.
  • TWO WAYS TO POWER – Utilize the included USB cable or 4 AA performance alkaline batteries (not included) to power the lights.
  • 12-MONTH WARRANTY — All MelodySusie Narcissus LED Makeup Mirror Lamps are covered by a hassle-free, 12-month unlimited warranty.