Organic Extra Virgin OLIVE OIL Skin Moisturizer in Convenient Sized 4 oz. Dark Glass Bottle with Glass Eye Dropper | Highest Quality 100% Pure , Unrefined , Cold Pressed Oil

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Posted on: January 10, 2017
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Olive oil is not only great for cooking, it also does wonders for the skin, hair and nails. For thousands of years, Mediterranean cultures have used this “liquid gold” to enhance and maintain their natural beauty.

Benefits of Olive Oil
For the Skin
Gives nails a natural shine and keeps cuticles plump and moist.
Use as a shaving cream.
Enhances Exfoliation.
Soften Hands
Prevent Hang Nails
Softens Dry and Itchy Skin
Remove Makeup
For the Hair

Massage oil into hair and scalp, leave it overnight with a bath cap and wash off in the morning.

Treats dandruff and/or dry, itchy scalp
Helps to protect the keratin in hair and seals in moisture. Can remove the buildup of sebum that impedes the formation of new hair follicles and hinders hair growth.

Our ‘No Worries’ Guarantee
We are so confidant that you will love Renewalize® Olive Oil, we guarantee it. Try it for yourself and if you do not see any improvements to your skin or hair after trying the entire bottle, simply contact us for a full refund.

Product Features

  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Organic – Extra Virgin – Cold Pressed – Sourced from Spain and Italy. The Extra Virgin is obtained from the first pressing of the olive and is left in its natural unrefined state for the highest nutrient retention possible. High in vitamin E and A, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.
  • PACKAGING: Comes in a convenient sized bottle for the bathroom cabinet, with an easy to use eye dropper, for the right amount every time. Packaged in Dark Amber Glass Bottle for longevity, which protects light sensitive oils from oxidation and spoilage. Unlike plastic containers, glass will not leach chemicals into the oil over time.
  • MOISTURIZER: Whether applied to face or body, olive oil will penetrate deep into the skin and provide a long-lasting shield of moisture to keep skin smooth and supple. Used either as a night cream or daily moisturizer, it is best applied to damp skin, when water can help reduce any feeling of greasiness. Recommended for normal/combination skin, dry/damaged skin and mature/aging skin.
  • MAKEUP REMOVER: Just a drop or two of extra virgin olive oil on a cotton pad is all it takes to gently and effectively remove eye makeup without irritating the delicate skin around the eye area. The biggest added advantage is that when used consistently, olive oil can soften the skin around the eyes and smooth out wrinkles.
  • GUARANTEED: 1 Year Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. We want you to be ecstatic with your new purchase. Try the entire bottle of Renewalize® Olive Oil and if you do not see an improvement in your skin or hair, we would be glad to refund your purchase price.

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