Panasonic NI-W750TS 360-Degree Quick Multi-Directional Steam Iron, Silver and Black

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Posted on: October 12, 2014
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360-Degree Quick — Multi-Directional Ironing Made Easy

 Concept 360-Degree Quick Multi-directional ironing delivers up to 25-percent faster results.*
(Model NI-W750TS shown.)

Make ironing less of a chore with help from Panasonic’s Concept 360-Degree Quick steam/dry iron. The sleek-looking unit delivers an array of advanced features for safety and exceptional convenience, making it easy to move quickly and efficiently through anything from slacks and skirts to button-down shirts to table linen.

 Concept 360-Degree Quick Extra-large soleplate with curved, elliptical shape for smooth, effortless gliding.
(Model NI-W750TS shown.) Innovative Dual-Point Design  Concept 360-Degree Quick Vertical steam from all steam holes–great for curtains or hanging garments.
(Model NI-W750TS shown.)

The iron’s soleplate offers a unique elliptical shape for faster results. While conventional straight-backed soleplates may sometimes catch on fabric and actually create creases when moving backwards or side to side, the elliptical-shaped soleplate prevents creasing with points at either end, allowing for smooth, effortless gliding in any direction.

The iron’s uniquely designed soleplate not only makes it possible to move backwards without fabric bunching up, but it also eliminates wasted motion (no need for several U-turns) and helps save time–up to 25-percent faster*. Furthermore, the bottom of the soleplate comes slightly curved to ensure smooth side-to-side movements, and the edge of the soleplate can always be viewed from above, which allows for precise control when ironing pleats, between buttons, and along seams.

The multi-directional iron also supplies steam holes around the entire edge of the soleplate for efficient wrinkle removal, and its generous size quickly covers more surface area in less time–great for larger fabrics like curtains and tablecloths.

Custom Control

The 360-Degree Quick iron also provides user-friendly controls. A turn of the dial makes it easy to adjust the heat–select from one of five fabric settings. For added convenience, the iron’s jet-of-steam function delivers a powerful burst of steam to help remove stubborn wrinkles when ironing, plus it effectively cleans the steam vents when finished, which helps keep the iron in good working order. The iron also offers a gentler option–the spay-mist button, which delivers extra moisture where needed.

Use the iron on a flat surface for traditional ironing or hold it upright for vertically steaming out wrinkles from curtains or hanging garments. For added versatility, the iron’s adjustable steam button allows for selecting just the right amount of steam for the job. Choose from four steam settings: “high” steam for heavier fabrics, “medium” steam for touch-ups, “low” steam for delicate fabrics, or “dry” for no steam output.

Awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, the 360-Degree Quick steam/dry iron measures 10-13/16 by 4-7/8 by 5-7/8 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

Detailed Features:

Up to 25-Percent Faster Ironing*

Natural. Easy. Convenient. Quickly get to those tight spots like collars and cuffs without rotating the iron or yourself. Speeds up larger jobs like tablecloths or curtains. Iron in any direction with precision, ease and speed.


Symmetrical Dual-Point Control Quick multi-directional ironing Ironing control in tight spots Creaseless ironing Curved Soleplate Smooth sideways motion Generous size gets the job done quicker Titanium or ceramic coating Steam Vents More steam, less wrinkles Vertical steam from all steam holes Easy to Use Oversized water tank Temperature control dial maintains precise temperature 360-degree rotating cord Lightweight, ergonomic design feels balanced in the hand Innovative Design

High-tech, sleek, and ergonomic design ensures smooth, natural movement in any direction.

Large, Curved Titanium- or Ceramic-Coated Soleplate

The iron glides smoothly and effortlessly in any direction, and the generous-sized soleplate lets you get the job done quicker.

Three-Way Auto Shut-Off Remembers to Turn Off the Iron When You Don’t

No more trips back home to see if you left the iron on. Our mercury-free electronic sensor automatically shuts off the iron after 10 minutes if it is left in the upright position. The iron will also turn off after 60 seconds if it is tipped over on its side or left unmoved on the soleplate.

Stay-Clean Vents

An anti-calcium system prevents clogged steam vents by reducing the sediment build-up in the vaporizing chamber of the iron.


The iron has an oversized water tank, plus the temperature-control dial maintains precise temperature settings.

Select the Amount of Steam for the Job

The adjustable steam button allows you to select just the right amount of steam required for your ironing needs. Choose regular steam for heavier fabrics or light steam for touch-ups.

Steam or Dry Ironing–the Choice is Yours

With our steam/dry selector, you can select to steam or dry iron by simply pushing a button.

2-for-1 with Jet-of-Steam and Self-Cleaning

A powerful burst of steam helps remove stubborn wrinkles when ironing. It also helps clean the steam vents on the soleplate after ironing.

Spray Mist the Wrinkles Away

The spay mist button helps eliminate stubborn wrinkles by directing extra moisture where necessary.

Vertical Steam

With the push of a button, the vertical steam feature allows you to direct a burst of steam to hanging garments.

*When compared to conventional corded Panasonic irons. Research by Panasonic Corporation.

3 Models to Choose From…

Panasonic Concept 360-Degree Quick Multi-Directional Steam/Dry Irons NI-W810CSNI-W810CS NI-W750TSNI-W750TS NI-W450TSNI-W450TS Design Color (Iron / Water Tank) Champagne w/ Clear Gray Silver w/ Clear Gray White w/ Clear Gray Soleplate Style Multi-Directional & Curved Bottom Soleplate Finish Ceramic w/ Nonstick Coating Titanium w/ Nonstick Coating Water Tank Built-In Iron Handle Molded Plastic Cord Design 360-degree rotating cord Temperature Control Fixed Dial w/ Rotating Indicator Temperature Ready Indicator Light On/Off Performance Easy-Glide Curved Soleplate Yes Time-Saving Multi-Directional Soleplate Yes Selectable Fabric / Temperature Dial 5 Fabric Settings Choose Steam or Dry Operation Dry / Steam Position Selector Adjustable Steam Amount High / Medium / Low / Dry Extra Jet-of-Steam Yes Water Mist Spray Water-Tank Capacity 6-3/4 Ounces Good Housekeeping Seal Yes Convenience Vertical Steam Yes Automatic Water Seal Anti-Drip System N/A Stay-Clean Steam Vents Anti-Calcium System N/A Quick Reference Fabric / Temperature Chart On Dial Setting Safety Auto Shut-Off In flat position (after 1 minute); In side position (after 1 minute); In heel rest position (after 10 minutes) Power Rated Power 12.5 Amps – 1500 Watts Iron Temperature Range 176 to 392 Degrees F Dimensions Unit (HxWxD) inches 5-7/8 by 4-7/8 by 10-13/16 inches Weight Weight 3.0 pounds Warranty Limited Warranty 1 Year

Product Features

  • 1500-watt iron with temperature-control knob and simple push-button controls
  • Titanium-coated totally curved soleplate for nonstick ironing in any direction
  • Jet-of-steam; vertical-steam; 3-way automatic shut-off for safety
  • Transparent water tank; anti-calcium system with anti-drip control valve
  • Measures approximately 10-4/5 by 4-8/9 by 5-8/9 inches


  • Katherine Chan
    Posted on October 12, 2014 at 2:42 PM
    Great Design, Not as Smooth as Other Irons UpdateSo I've officially owned this iron for over a year now and have used it on average once every two weeks to iron anywhere between 5 and 14 shirts at a time (my husband is an entertainer and goes through shirts like water). The Panasonic is still working as steadily as ever - I haven't had any problems with calcified water build up in the unit, the temperature is still great enough to iron and the steam amount is about the same. In terms of durability, I'd give it a solid thumbs up._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________There are several things about the Panasonic Iron that I like, but there are a lot more things that I dislike about it. First, the things I did not like about it:1. The Titanium soleplate: I like the smoothness of polished stainless steel soleplate much more than the titanium. While the titanium plate doesn't stick to the fabric, it...
  • Margaret Picky
    Posted on October 12, 2014 at 2:52 PM
    Okay iron but better ones are available For context, my present iron is the which is a best-selling iron recommended by a "leading consumer magazine" and one that I am very pleased with. (Note: The D2030 seems to have been updated and the new model is .) Most people choosing an iron in this middle price range will be looking at the Black & Decker so in reviewing this Panasonic iron, I will do something different from a normal review and do a direct comparison to the Black & Decker which is the one to beat (and in the end the one I do prefer). The pricing is comparable and they are both made in China and seem well-constructed and have an auto-off feature.First of all, I'm not impressed by the much-ballyhooed 360-Degree Quick Multi-Directional feature. Instead of...
  • B. Webster
    Posted on October 12, 2014 at 3:01 PM
    I hate to iron, but the Panasonic makes it easier I have a very old Protor Silex Iron that I have been using for about 15 years. I really dislike ironing, but since I am now retired and want to save a few bucks, I try to wash and iron our shirts and blouses rather than spend money to take laundry to the cleaners.I really like the Panasonic 360 Multi-Direction Iron. The swivel cord is a great advantage as I do not have to keep moving it out of my way since it sits at the top of the handle. The sole plate glides beautifully and does not "catch" on the material being ironed, keeping it from being creased while moving forwards and backwards or side to side.The Panasonic has has a nice sized reservoir with the "max" fill line printed clearly to make sure you do not overfill. The steam buttons are very easy to use and setting the temperature for the material that is being ironed is just at the touch of a dial. It has the option of vertical steaming for curtains, which is a nice feature, but one I have not used...
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