Perfect Beauty Tool!!!Belle® 20,000 RPM Electric Nail Drill Set Kit Fast Manicure Pedicure Acrylics Gel Polish Machine, Pink

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Posted on: July 24, 2016
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Product Advantages:

*** Rotation up to 20,000 RPM when this nail drill did not polish the nail and other items,the max speed is around 14,000RPM if it works on nail
*** Nail Machine stand included
*** Forward and Reverse Operation switch
*** Extremely quiet and smooth – No Vibration
*** Light-weight design hand piece for precise operation
*** Shape and gently clean away uncomfortable hard skins, corns and hard glue


* Color: Pink
* Voltage: 100-120VAC 60H
* Rate power input: 15W
* Output rated voltage: DC0-13V
* Working voltage: DC0-13V
* Rated current: 1.1A
* Rated speed: up to 20,000RPM

Package includes:

1 * Electric Nail Drill Main control
1 * Handpiece
1 * Handpiece Stand
6 * Drill bits
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • Multi-Use: Carving, Engraving, Routing, Grinding, Sharpening, Sanding, Polishing.
  • For both manicure and pedicure nail treatment.
  • Easy to use by turning speed control.
  • Light weight handpiece for comfortable grip and precise operation.
  • The nail file can be used for natural as well as artificial nails