Smileshops Yoko Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath Moisturizing Body Wash (Refill Size 300g)-Gently Scrubs Off Dead Skin Cells, Promote Cell Growth + Clears Uneven Skin-tone, Breakouts, Fine Lines & Wrinkles -Contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin E & Collagen by Smileshops

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Posted on: January 3, 2018
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With protein-rich milk extracts, Yogurt Spa gently scrubs off dead skin cells for quick visible skin benefits that include even tone, smooth texture and lesser wrinkles. It works to nourish skin, promote cell growth and to reduce breakouts. The formula is scientifically produced and contains the three main skin rejuvenating nutrients. Vitamin B3 exfoliating agent for newer, younger and radiant skin; Vitamin E antioxidant fights free-radicals for anti-aging effects; along with Collagen which improves skin firmness and eliminates wrinkles. Packed in a 300g sachet, Milk Spa works to give your skin a youthful look after each luxurious spa experience in your own bath or shower. Milk Spa is a market leading body wash, with many top benefits, including;

Product Features

  • Contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and Collagen.
  • Clears uneven skin tone and appearance of fine wrinkles.
  • Tightens, exfoliates and lightens skin with required nutrients and hydration.