Spiderman Of The Rings

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Posted on: August 2, 2016
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Deacon,Dan ~ Spider-Man Of The RingsBaltimore-based bedroom electronic pop musician Dan Deacon has made a thrilling, buzzing little album that cagily mixes the throwaway with the epic. The record’s centerpiece, a paean to Deacon’s hometown called “Wham City,” is so smartly constructed, anthemic, and lush, it makes Sufjan Stephens look like a confused, overreaching Boy Scout. While on the subject of comparisons, Deacon is repeatedly compared to Daniel Johnston in interviews. And sure, they both can display a love for whimsy and have been known to record using very inexpensive means, but Johnson seems to have such a wellspring of confusion and fear that he’s working from. There’s a euphoric thrill to Deacon’s squeaky, looped-out music. The opening tune “Woody Woodpecker” piles so many chintzy and cheesy elements together it should be the most annoying thing ever. But it’s expertly crafted and kaleidoscopic, and it will only annoy people who hate fun. You should take this song, or the entire album, with you on a first date with you and play it for that person. If they do not like it, you should never date them again, even if they are very rich. –Mike McGonigal