T-fal FZ700251 ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy AirFryer Dishwasher Safe Multi-Cooker, 2.2-Pound, Black

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Posted on: November 20, 2018
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T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy AirFryer Dishwasher Safe Multi-Cooker, 2.2-Pound, Black The T-fal ActiFry is a low fat cooker that enables you to cook tasty dishes while reducing the amount of fat you are having. The ActiFry is engineered to minimize the use of oil while cooking. This revolutionary appliance allows you to enjoy great tasting a wide array of dishes but at the same time stay healthy and feel good about what you are eating.

With ActiFry you can enjoy cripsy, great tasting fries that are low in fat! By using just one tablespoon of oil you can make 2 pounds of fresh French fries, enough to feed a family of four. That one spoonful is over 200 times less than a traditional 3 liter deep fat fryer, which not only means that your food is substantially more healthy, but it is also more economical. The French fries have only 3% fat per serving.

Moreover, ActiFry is a versatile cooking appliance and can be use to create a variety of helathy, low-fat dishes with minimal effort. ActiFry is not just for French fries, it enables you to cook full meals such as chili, risotto, gumbos, vegetable, or meat stir frys, seafood, and even yummy desserts. ActiFry enables you to create your favorite dishes that are not only delicious but nutritious. Each recipe requires from 0 to 2 tablespoons of oil for four servings.

Product Features

  • Coming together over good food is what family all about. That’s why, for the last 10 years, T -fal ActiFry has been the leading brand for healthy cooking. With more versatility and a variety of healthy recipes, it’s no wonder ActiFry is the #1 choice for all Canadians. And that’s something to celebrate.
  • Actifry technology is a patented heat pulse system for optimized hot air circulation
  • Removable cooking pan and stirring paddle featuring T-fal’s exclusive ceramic coating
  • Cool touch body for safe and easy manipulation. 60 minute countdown timer
  • Lid, stirring paddle, 14ml measuring spoon and basket are all removable and dishwasher safe


  • Anonymous
    Posted on November 20, 2018 at 4:42 AM
    great machine Awesome machine. Tastes better than deep fried. Super easy to clean. Only thing that would make it better is if the timer would shut it off rather than just ding, minor complaint tho. It'll hold a 1KG bag of fries no problem. So far I've done fries, bacon, chicken strips and they've all turned out great.
  • Anonymous
    Posted on November 20, 2018 at 4:44 AM
    Healthy cooking! I use this machine for making "sweet potato fries". They are not quite as crispy as deep fried but they are a lot healthier and a good substitute. I have done chicken drums as well, dredged in flour, dipped in milk and rolled in fine bread crumbs. I used 1 T. oil and they were very good. For a healthy alternative to frying this works well.
  • Anonymous
    Posted on November 20, 2018 at 4:47 AM
    So easy to use! Amazing kitchen gadget! I use it for so many recipe not only french fries. Sausages, hash browns, fish, steaks, veggies stir fry you name it. I use it maybe 4 times per week. Easy to clean and the fan noise is not too bad. Press on, set timer and forget until it's ready. a time saver in the kitchen for people with a busy schedule.