Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture Conditioning Body Lotion With Vitamins E & A 295 ml

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Posted on: April 28, 2016
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Total Moisture Lotion is a Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer. It replenishes 100% of daily hydration, along with the essential nutrients that skin needs to be vibrant and feel healthy everyday. Vitamins A,E and B & minerals provide essential skin nutrients. Conditioning moisturizers provide 100% of daily hydration beneaththe surface, healthy skin is up to 90% water. That’s what helps give our skin the strength and flexibility to protect our body. Unfortunately, we lose about a pint of water and vital nutrients from our skin as we go through the day. Now with pro-Vitamin B5.

Product Features

  • A Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer
  • Contains vitamins A,E and B & minerals which provide essential skin nutrients
  • Now with pro-Vitamin B5
  • Has pure oat extract
  • Hydrates and replenishes dry skin

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