VASHTI Beauty Cold & Warm Facial Massager: WARM + COLD + IONS skin care. It is a revolutionary multi-functional skin care device that gives almost instantaneous warmth and coldness to tone the most delicate facial skin for a perfect look.

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Posted on: April 10, 2016
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VASHTI Beauty is the first facial beauty massager to provide intense cold and warm stimulation of the skin. It is a revolutionary multi-functional skin care device with four modes to afford care for delicate facial skin. Features include: cold massage, warm massage, positive ion massage, and negative ion massage. Experience the surprising results of alternating cold-warm treatments in combination with either positive or negative ions. It is suitable for many skin conditions and characteristics. Designed as an intense experience for even the most delicate skin. The elegant, simple design is convenient for daily care. Its light weight permits application almost anywhere including traveling. The heating function of the device can produce a surface temperature up to 104 deg F (40 deg C). It can stimulate local blood circulation and relieve topical muscle aches and pains. The cold surface temperature of the device can be as low as 41 deg F (5 deg C) to help ease muscle sprains and reduce the look of blemishes.

Product Features

  • Micro electronic technology instantly obtains a cool 41 deg F (5 deg C) or a warm 104 deg F (40 deg C).
  • Good for poor elasticity and baggy skin; wrinkles and fishtail lines; and dull skin and coarse pores.
  • Improves poor absorption, permeability, and metabolism.
  • Ion skin care to cleanse skin pores, soften cuticle, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, and improve absorption of nutrients.
  • Comes with instructional tips for application. 1 year parts and labor warranty. North American service support.

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