Women Hair Claw Clamps Clips Butterfly Claw Clamp BANANA CLIP FISH CLIP PONYTAIL Styles:4#Pearl Small hairpin

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Posted on: January 2, 2017
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1#:Material: Resin

Size:Hairpin: 14.5cm * 6.3cm

2#:Material: Plastic / Resin

Size:Clip: 9cm * 3.5cm * 6cm


Size锛歀ength: 1.5cm,Width: 1cm

4#:Material: Plastic&imitation pearl

5#:Material:Satin cloth, Faux pearl, Rhinestone, Resin

Size:Hair Claw length: 7.8cm

Hair Claw Width: 6cm

Hair Claw High: 2.5cm



6#:Material:Plastic / Resin

Size:Perimeter: 11cm,width: 2.5cm,1cm=0.3937″


7#:Material: Plastic / Resin

8#:Material: Plastic / Resin

Size:Hair Clip length: 7cm Width: 3.2cm

9#:Material: Plastic + Rhinestone

Size:Hair clip: 2.6cm*2cm

Rhinestone diameter: 0.3cm

10#:Material: plastic

Size: Hair Clip: 4cm * 6.7cm

Weight: 25g

11#:Material: plastic

Size: Hair Clip: 5.5cm * 3.4cm

Weight: 15g

12#:Material: Cloth

Size: Hairpin: 6.7cm * 3.8cm

Weight: 13g

13#:Material: Acrylic + Pearl + Rhinestone

Size: Hairpin: 8cm * 3cm, Pearl diameter: 0.7cm

Weight: 13g

Product Features

  • Type:Hair Claw
  • Note: the color may be a little different due to the effect of light and moniter setting,Due to the Canadian logistics problem, the arrival time of the goods will be a little longer about 55-60 days;

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