Yavonae 25% TCA Chemical Peel Exfoliant 30 ml 1 fl oz – Professional Resurfacing Facial Treatment – Remove Dark Skin Spots, Fine Lines, Acne Scars, and More

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Posted on: April 30, 2016
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Yavonae 25% TCA Peel, 30ml 1 fl oz.

Facial peels are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures… They keep skin clear by removing outer dead layers of skin.

Facial peels are an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by the use of chemical solutions.

25% TCA is a medium-depth peel that causes a controlled burn to the surface skin. Underlying layers contain oil glands, pigment, etc. It is the outer layers of skin where acne scars, age spots, and fine lines reside. The chemical peel, in varying strengths, removes those dead skin cells, revealing clear new skin from beneath. Results of the peel treatment are controlled by the strength TCA used, coats applied, and time on the skin. TCA deactivates after a few minutes on the skin. TCA may be mixed with water to weaken. Several applications may be required for certain skin issues.

There is minimal down time with this peel. Skin will tingle for 5-6 minutes and may become slightly pink for a while. Expect your skin to begin exfoliating within 3-5 days after application.

Instructions included. A patch test is strongly recommended to assess your skins reaction to the solution prior to full application.

Not sure which strength you need? Search “Yavonae Trio” for our TCA sampler – 12%, 25%, and 50% TCA.

* Improves skin tone, texture, and over all appearance * Minimizes fine lines, lip creases, dark spots and scars * Brightens dull, blotchy complexion * Dissolves blackheads, kills bacteria and helps control acne * Fades discoloration due to sun damage, hormones and scarring * TCA Peel may be used on other areas of the body for similar benefits. 50% may be needed, depending on the skin issue. 25% is best for facial peels.

Product Features

  • Best Selling! Strong and Effective Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne Chemical Peel Treatment. Instructions included.
  • Removes Sun Damage, Acne Scars, Hyperpigmentation, and Fine Lines – Gives Skin a Beautiful Even Tone and Texture
  • TCA is a Medium Strength Peel – Skin will peel or flake – Results vary. Works best as a facial peel.
  • 25% TCA (30ml 1 fl oz) plus free Ointment Samples to keep the skin soft and protected
  • May be applied twice per month or so on most skin types in a series of 6 treatments – Minimal Down Time – May be diluted for various skin requirements


  • Max
    Posted on April 30, 2016 at 2:12 PM
    Yavonae 25% TCA Chemical peel I just received my order, and the packaging was absolutely perfect. There's no need to worry about shipping. 
  • Lisa Kraus
    Posted on April 30, 2016 at 2:41 PM
    It really works! I applied one layer on to my face and neck and am almost finished mild- medium peeling 7 days later. The results are great. My skin is smoother, my fine lines and pores are smaller, and I can't wait to do another treatment to see even better results.
  • Lilywinters
    Posted on April 30, 2016 at 3:04 PM
    Loved it! I bought this peel to help with hyper pigmentation on areas such as my knees. when i first used it i thought itwasn`t working because i didn't start peeling right away. but by the forth day the peeling beganand i continued peeling for 2-4 days afterwards. the results were awesome though!! It got rid of old deadlayers of skin and the new skin was much closer to my natural skin color. this worked much better thanother things i have tried like lemon juice...
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